Paula’s second book ‘Tilly and Ted’ is the first in a series of three, these bedtime stories are aimed at children between 3 – 6 years old, this first book takes the child with Tilly and her magical Teddy Bear (Ted) on an adventure with ‘The Hedgehog Family’ within all of Paula’s children’s books there is always a moral thread which helps to educate children on how to enjoy and love nature without causing any harm.

For ages, 16+ Paula is writing a series of two books entitled Maisie – The Early Years and Maisie – The Later Years.  These books follow Maisie on her journey through life, starting with the brutal murder of her mother by her drunken father and following her through the various episodes of her life after being sold into servitude by her Nana.

Paula is thrilled that uktalkradio.org have endorsed her as one of their authors, with a regular interview being broadcast approximately three times a week. You can listen to Paula’s latest interview below or read reviews here

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